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Asanja Moru Bush Camp (Known as Asanja Africa Camp)Luxury Tented Camp Serengti


Asanja Africa Moru Bush Camp (known as Asanja Africa Camp) area is best known for its enormous herbivore migration, led by over a million zebra and wildebeest, a vast voracious lawnmower which in turn provides sustenance for a glut of predators. Our safari camp Tanzania –  Asanja Africa Moru Bush Camp & our staff are known for great hospitality, experienced Safari Guides, best in class 4×4 Safari Vehicles, great food served at our camp, exclusive Game Drives, special Bush Meals & our safari camp Tanzania – Asanja Africa is located at one of the best locations inside the Serengeti National Park.

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The Serengeti is 200 kms west of Arusha (Kilimanjaro International Airport) (JRO): the park’s northern boundary abuts with the Kenya border, its western boundary reaches Lake Victoria. Asanja Africa Safari Camp is located in South Central Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.

The closest airstrip is Seronera (SEU) which is about 45 KMs away from the Camp. Download our Map (PDF)

The background
The vast and sensational Serengeti, covering 14,763 sq km of endlessly rolling savannah plains, is Tanzania’s first-established, largest and most famous park wherein tens of thousands of hoofed animals roam in a constant and unremitting search for the fresh grasslands upon which their survival depends.
The million-plus wildebeast are the predominant herbivore and also the main prey of a huge cast of large carnivores, principally lion and hyena. Whilst the annual migration is the Serengeti’s most famous attraction, the Park is also renowned for its lion, many of which have been fitted with radio-transmitter collars so that their movements may be tracked, and additionally for its wealth of cheetah, zebra, giraffe, Thomson’s and Grant’s gazelle, eland, impala, klipspringer, hippo and warthog.

Safari Camp Tanzania

Wildlife highlights: wildebeest, zebra, Thomson’s gazelle, lion, spotted hyena, hunting dog, cheetah, black rhino, elephant, giraffe, buffalo, topi, eland, jackal and otter.
Birds: Over 350 recorded species including 34 raptors.

More about our Asanja Moru Bush Camp:

With seven private guest tents & one private tented Villa, Asanja Africa Safari Camp Tanzania is very exclusive, providing you with exemplary service. Each luxury private tent represents a special Maasai Ceremony and has a story to tell. The tents are spacious and have a private verandah overlooking the scenic views of the Serengeti. All the tents have en-suite bathrooms with flush toilets and hot showers. Despite having the same design, each tent is distinct and unique. The tents are personalized and embellished in African style and culture.

Asanja Moru Bush Camp Private Tents Photos: (Click to Enlarge)

Asanja Moru Bush Camp Tent Details: During their lifetime, the Maasai’s perform series of ceremonies. The Maasai believe that these ceremonies will shape and strengthen their culture. “Colors reflect the important concepts and elements in Maasai Culture. The Maasai are pastoral, much of the color symbolism relates to cattle.” Come and experience the rich and dynamic culture of the Maasai as they follow their rite of Passage at, Asanja Africa!


Asanja Africa! Safari Camp Tanzania

One of our tent is named as “ EMANYATTA ” Emanyatta is the Warriors Camp Ceremony. To become a warrior, is the dream of every Maasai boy. The word itself seems to convey magical powers. Maasai boys become men and enter the next stage of their life, warrior hood. They live with other warriors in a manyatta, a kraal specially built for warriors. At the camp, the warriors learn about the age set brother hood and fulfill their role as a military force.

The Emanyatta tent is decorated in blue and white and is enhanced using blue beads. White and blue is the color of the Maasai nation’s flag. The warriors add an immeasurable sense of excitement, adventure, and romance. Without their songs, poetry, bold flirting and masculinity, Maasai life would not be the same.

Luxury Tent ENKIAMA

Asanja Africa! Safari Camp Tanzania

Another tent is named as “ ENKIAMA” Enkiama is the Marriage Ceremony.

The Maasai belief that “Elder hood marks a period of responsibility for men and women,beginning with marriage, the building of a family, and the acquisition of wealth and security in the form of children and cattle”. In the Maasai community, the marriage ceremony is very important and is one of the longest ceremonies. The marriage ceremonial tent is embellished in red and beautiful beaded decorations known as Imasaa.

The color Red signifies Unity and the coming together of the community in celebration. Red signifies danger, ferocity, bravery, strength, and especially unity, because it is the color of the blood of the cow that is slaughtered when the community comes together in celebration.Celebration – music – drums and forms of musical instruments. Wedding neck pieces worn by women.

Luxury Tent EUNOTO

Asanja Africa! Safari Camp Tanzania

This tent is named as “ EUNOTO” Eunoto is the Warrior’s Head Shaving Ceremony. EUNOTO, marks the status of a warrior transitioning to a senior warrior. The mature warriors have their hair shaved off by their mothers. For about twenty years, the warriors have let their hair grow and dyed it with ocher. As it is shaved off, it symbolizes the end of their warrior hood. Finally, the warriors are ready to become elders, to marry and raise a family.

The Eunoto takes place in an especially large manyatta built for this ceremony. The Tent is decorated in green. The Maasai believe that the colour green represents the land that grows food for their cattle, the health of their community and the plant Olari that grows tall and plentiful as the Maasai.


Asanja Africa! Safari Camp Tanzania

This tent is named as “ ENKANG OO – NKIRI” Enkang oo-nkiri is the Meat Eating Ceremony. The meat ceremony permits warriors to eat meat prepared by women of the homestead by themselves. Prior to this ceremony, Maasai men are not allowed to eat alone. The Enkang oo-nkiri is an important ceremony because it is during this event that a wife must prove to her husband that she has not had any illegal sexual affairs. The wife’s sexual past is revealed through the bull’s skin ritual in which men look at a sacrificed bull’s skin to determine if their wives have been unfaithful to their age-set. The Meat Eating Ceremonial Tent is enhanced in Orange and it represents the Gourds that hold the milk, which is offered to the Maasai visitors. The color Orange represents hospitality.


Asanja Africa! Safari Camp Tanzania

This tent is named as “ EOKOTO E-KULE” Eokoto E Kule is the Milk Drinking Ceremony. The milk drinking ceremony is only initiated after the Maasai have shaved their red ochre stained hair. The Eokoto E Kule Luxury Tent is decorated in White to represent this ceremony. For the Maasai, white signifies purity and health because the milk that is white in color, nourishes the community. Since white is the color of milk, which comes from a cow, considered by the Maasai as a pure and holy animal, white represents purity. White also represents health, because it is milk that nourishes the community.


Asanja Africa! Safari Camp Tanzania

This tent is named as “ ENKIPAATA” Enkipaata is the Senior Boy Ceremony. The senior boy ceremony is organized by the fathers of their new age set. Young boys aged between 14 to 16 years would travel across their land for 4 months announcing the formation of their new age-set. A collection of 30 to 40 house are built for the initiating boys. On the day before the ceremony, the young boys must sleep outside in the forest. During the ceremony, boys dress in loose clothing and dance non-stop throughout the day. This ceremony is the transition into a new age set.

The Senior Boy Ceremonial Tent is enhanced in Yellow and symbolizes fertility and growth, representing the color of the sun which helps grow the grass that feeds the cattle and sustains life.


Asanja Africa! Safari Camp Tanzania

This tent is named as “ORNGESHERR” Orngesherr is the last age set’s initiation – Junior Elder Ceremony. The ceremony is performed in a selected camp that contains twenty or more houses. Every one in the age set looks forward to this final initiation. Since, every man is honored with an elder’s chair in this ceremony. This chair becomes a man’s friend until it is broken. If a man dies before the chair breaks, his older son will adopt the chair. After this ceremony, a man would become an elder and would assume full responsibility of his own family. He is now allowed to move away from his father’s homestead and form his own homestead.The Junior Elder Ceremonial Tent is enhanced in White and Black. White symbolizes purity and health representing cow’s milk, which provide sustained nourishment.

Whilst Black symbolizes unity, harmony and solidarity, representing the color of the people and the daily struggles they endure.

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All prices listed on our site are per person which includes Full Board meals. We can customize your Safari. Children above 5 years of age are welcome and are charged 50% of the tariff which includes all meals and beverages. There are two payment options available to book online.

Online Payment: Pay online using a credit or debit card using secure servers. When selecting a room, on step -3 select Make Payment online as the options to pay

Bank Transfer: You can book online and then wire transfer funds to our bank account withing 48 hours after you made the booking. The bank details will get listed after you choose the bank transfer option and click on book now. If we fail to receive funds within 48 hours, you booking will be cancelled.

We have a safari bar and a lounge area that overlooks the mesmerizing plains of the Serengeti. Our guests are welcome to enjoy sundowners as they admire this magnificent sight. Board games, puzzles, magazines and books are available to all our guests. A bonfire is set up every night. It is a great place to share your days experiences whilst sipping a drink of your choice. A wide variety of both local and imported products are available. Our dedicated Chef and his team are proud to serve you a fusion of local flavors and Continental Cuisine. Breakfast, light lunch and dinner is served in the mess tent or can be arranged in the bush

LAUNDRY:Safari Camp Tanzania

Laundry service is complimentary. Clothes are hand washed.


Please do not smoke on game drives. Within the camp smoking is limited to the area around the Mess Tent, where an ashtray is provided. Please do not discard cigarette ends except into the ashtray. We ask our visitors not to smoke inside the guest tents.


At our Safari Camp Tanzania – Asanja Africa, we trust all our staff and employees, therefore we do not lock our guest tents. However, guests can lock their valuables in the chest placed in the tents. Ideally please keep any valuable items with you or locked in your case.


All our staff work together to provide you with good service. If you wish to leave a gratuity then we ask that you place this in the staff tip box in the Mess Tent on the day you leave. The Staff tip box is opened at the end of every month and equally distributed among all our staff.

Asanja Africa Safari Camp Tanzania is a responsible and committed camp towards the environment.
• We support conservation efforts and observe wildlife.
• The majority of our staff comes from the surrounding communities. We offer local communities the opportunity to benefit from tourism.
• We conserve water as much as possible.
• Our camp is adorned with local artwork.
• Tremendous consideration was given to the environment while designing and positioning the camp. Immense measures were taken to ensure that the environment was not harmed or destroyed in any way. No permanent structures were built. Neither a tree nor a bush removed or destroyed. We worked around them and included them as part of our camp. Our camp merges into the
environment. If we had ever to relocate, there would be no trace of our existence and nature would take over.

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