Asanja Grumeti is a Luxury Tented Camp & is located in the Western corridor of the Serengeti and plays host to the most amazing wildlife spectacle in East Africa. The Asanja Grumeti camp is open all year round as this area has spectacular wildlife all year with so many resident animals including a Lion Pride staying close to the camp.

To add, every Year, thousands of Wildebeest take a plunge to cross the glittering waters of the Grumeti River. The River is well known for its population of hippos and the Gigantic Nice Crocodiles. The Lush Riparian forest that shades the river is home to the Rare Colobus Monkeys. Asanja Grumeti is well hidden amongst the open woodlands of the Nyasarori Plains, famous for large herds of elephants and good concentration of wildlife.


With only 3 Private Guest Tents, Asanja Grumeti offers complete exclusivity and wild experience. The Tents are spacious and have been designed as an inspiration from Modern Era with all Modern amenities.

Each Tent is an En suite with an outdoor Shower and a Private Verandah with exceptional land views of the Marsh. The camp leaves no footprints and offers a true safari Experience under the guidance of our staff, who strive to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Come escape from the crowds and experience the African wilderness with Asanja, where indulgent Luxury, comfort & Personalized attention is promised!

Serengeti National Park Safaris
FEATURED! Asanja 3 Nights Serengeti Safari - Grumeti Area
A Private Safari in the Western corridor of the Serengeti National Park
Watch thousands of Wildebeest take a plunge to cross the glittering waters of the Grumeti River. You are away from the crowds & get a feeling of a private reserve in Serengeti National Park. There is good concentration of resident wildlife throughout the year. You will stay for 3 nights at the Asanja Grumeti Camp in Western Serengeti
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Serengeti National Park / Grumeti Area

Asanja Grumeti is located in the Western Serengeti, 10 minutes drive from the Grumeti river inside the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.The closest airstrips is the Grumeti Airstrip – 20 Minutes drive

The Grumeti river is most known for The Great Migration wherein herds of wildebeest and zebras cross the river to reach and continue their journey towards their destination. Your Serengeti safari may seem incomplete without a stay at the Asanja Grumeti Camp & a visit to the famous Grumeti river.

The Grumeti river has a large crocodile population who anxiously wait for migrating herd’s crossing that come with a guarantee of a great meaty feast. Yet there s nothing that can stop, the wildebeest and zebras to reach their final destination. You would also find hippos, monkeys and elephants happily swimming and drinking water.

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      Asanja Africa Grumeti Camp
      Asanja Africa Grumeti Camp
      Asanja Africa Grumeti Camp
      Asanja Africa Grumeti Camp
      Asanja Africa Grumeti Camp
      Asanja Africa Grumeti Camp
      Asanja Africa Grumeti Camp
      Asanja Africa Grumeti Camp
      Asanja Africa Grumeti Camp
      Serengeti National Park Safaris
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      Asanja Grumeti Tent
      Asanja Grumeti Private Tents
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      Over the years, Asanja has cultivated a successful blend of professional business and unique bush expertise that delivers exceptional wild safari experiences.

      Our Asanja safaris are a product of sheer hard work and dedication to the wildlife. Immense attention has been paid to every detail to ensure your comfort and satisfaction is met in every way. All Asanja safaris are private which means the safaris are flexible to your requirements.

      Asanja Game drives are varied and exciting. With a vast wilderness available to explore with your expert guide, allow nature hold you enthralled as you take in this extraordinary landscape and the animals that inhabit it. The blissful days are filled with game drives which are so very adventurous. The evenings are spent reliving the day’s events; share the experiences, insights and anecdotes with the staff serving you around a campfire!

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