serengeti luxury tented camp“Ceremonies are an expression of our culture and self-determination. Every ceremony is a new life. They are the rites Serengeti Luxury Tented Campof passage and every Maasai Child is anxious to meet these stages of life”

In our community people with long hair are the warriors and the warriors are not supposed to marry but they have Asanja.

Tucked away in a sea of grass, amidst Rocky Islands known as the Moru Kopjes, Asanja Africa is an exotic, Serengeti Luxury Tented Camp that transports one to the bygone era where the Masaai once ruled the wide-open plains of the Serengeti.

The Serengeti Luxury Tented Camp Asanja Africa is located on the path of the migration, which is one of the ten natural wonders of the world. The migration is described as a discernible thread of Wildebeest, Zebras and Gazelles as they group together and start their annual pilgrimage. The Moru Kopjes rising from the plains provide ample shade for the prides of lion that spend most of the day lazing about. This is a good area for game viewing since; the wildlife is abundant throughout the year.

Come escape the crowds and experience the African wilderness… with promises of indulgent luxury, comfort and personalized attention.

Our camp is a product of sheer hard work and dedication to the wildlife. Immense attention has been paid to every detail to ensure your comfort and satisfaction is met in every way.

Our camp is responsible and committed towards the environment. We support conservation efforts and observe wildlife.

serengeti luxury tented camp

Tremendous consideration was given to the environment while designing and positioning the camp. Measures were taken to ensure that the environment was not harmed or destroyed in any way. No permanent structures were built. Neither a tree nor bush removed or destroyed.

“If we were ever to relocate, there would be no trace of our existence and nature would take over…”

The majority of the staff that works at Asanja Africa comes from the surrounding communities. We offer local communities the opportunity to benefit from tourism. Our Staff are always on hand to guide you through your stay and make your safari experience as comfortable as possible.