Asanja Grumeti


Asanja Grumeti Luxury Tented Camp is a new addition to the Asanja Luxury Safari Camps & Lodges. Asanja Grumeti camp was opened for our guests on January 16th, 2018.

The background
The vast and sensational Serengeti, covering 14,763 sq km of endlessly rolling savannah plains, is Tanzania’s first-established, largest and most famous park wherein tens of thousands of hoofed animals roam in a constant and unremitting search for the fresh grasslands upon which their survival depends.
The million-plus wildebeast are the predominant herbivore and also the main prey of a huge cast of large carnivores, principally lion and hyena. Whilst the annual migration is the Serengeti’s most famous attraction, the Park is also renowned for its lion, many of which have been fitted with radio-transmitter collars so that their movements may be tracked, and additionally for its wealth of cheetah, zebra, giraffe, Thomson’s and Grant’s gazelle, eland, impala, klipspringer, hippo and warthog.


Wildlife highlights: wildebeest, zebra, Thomson’s gazelle, lion, spotted hyena, hunting dog, cheetah, black rhino, elephant, giraffe, buffalo, topi, eland, jackal and otter.
Birds: Over 350 recorded species including 34 raptors.


Ideally set in the remote Western Serengeti, 5 minute drive to Grumeti River and on the path of the Great Migration, one of the ten natural wonders of the world, Asanja Grumeti is located in Nyasarori plains, which due to the presence of water is a good area for game viewing whole year round.

Daily scheduled flights to Grumeti Airstrip, followed by a 30 minute drive to the camp. Please contact us using the form below if you need us to book your flights.

Private Tents

The property is an ideal gateway for small exclusive groups and couples. The camp is very exclusive with only 3 Luxury Guest Tents. The tents are spacious and have a private verandah overlooking the scenic views of the Nyasarori Marsh and plains.

Amazing Safari Experience

Professionally guided Game Drives; Balloon Safaris; Cultural Visits to nearby communities; day trips to Lake Victoria; Bird Watching; Maasai Village; Bush Meals; Sundowners; Professional Photographer; Intimate Weddings & Honeymoon.

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All prices are per person which includes Full Board meals.  All children are welcome. Children upto age of 5 stay free. Children between age 6-12 and are charged 50% of the tariff which includes all meals and beverages.

There are two payment options available to book online.

Online Payment: Pay online using a credit or debit card using secure servers. When selecting a room, on step -3 select Make Payment online as the options to pay

Bank Transfer: You can book online and then wire transfer funds to our bank account withing 48 hours after you made the booking. The bank details will get listed after you choose the bank transfer option and click on book now. If we fail to receive funds within 48 hours, you booking will be cancelled.

We have a safari bar and a lounge area that overlooks the mesmerizing plains of the Serengeti. Our guests are welcome to enjoy sundowners as they admire this magnificent sight. Board games, puzzles, magazines and books are available to all our guests. A bonfire is set up every night. It is a great place to share your days experiences whilst sipping a drink of your choice. A wide variety of both local and imported products are available. Our dedicated Chef and his team are proud to serve you a fusion of local flavors and Continental Cuisine. Breakfast, light lunch and dinner is served in the mess tent or can be arranged in the bush


The Serengeti falls into the classic bimodal rain pattern of East Africa.The short rainy season is between November to January and the long rainy season is between March to May. The climate is usually warm and dry with mean temperatures varying between 15 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius. Guests should expect to enjoy sunny warm days, however, we suggest to bring a cardigan as the evenings can get quite chilly.


Laundry service is complimentary. Clothes are hand washed.


Please do not smoke on game drives. Within the camp smoking is limited to the area around the Mess Tent, where an ashtray is provided. Please do not discard cigarette ends except into the ashtray. We ask our visitors not to smoke inside the guest tents.


At our Asanja Grumeti Safari Camp Tanzania, we trust all our staff and employees, therefore we do not lock our guest tents. However, guests can lock their valuables in the chest placed in the tents. Ideally please keep any valuable items with you or locked in your case.


All our staff work together to provide you with good service. If you wish to leave a gratuity then we ask that you place this in the staff tip box in the Mess Tent on the day you leave. The Staff tip box is opened at the end of every month and equally distributed among all our staff.

Asanja Grumeti Safari Camp Tanzania is a responsible and committed camp towards the environment.
• We support conservation efforts and observe wildlife.
• The majority of our staff comes from the surrounding communities. We offer local communities the opportunity to benefit from tourism.
• We conserve water as much as possible.
• Our camp is adorned with local artwork.
• Tremendous consideration was given to the environment while designing and positioning the camp. Immense measures were taken to ensure that the environment was not harmed or destroyed in any way. No permanent structures were built. Neither a tree nor a bush removed or destroyed. We worked around them and included them as part of our camp. Our camp merges into the
environment. If we had ever to relocate, there would be no trace of our existence and nature would take over.

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